500kg/h Briquette Charcoal Extruder and Cutter for Colombia

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The 500kg/h Briquette Charcoal Extruder Machine not only accelerates charcoal production but also positions Colombian entrepreneurs to meet diverse market demands. Shuliy’s commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with our client’s vision for a flourishing charcoal business. This article describes how the Shuliy factory serves the Colombian customer and the process of the Colombian customer ordering Shuliy’s briquette charcoal machine. If you also have need to purchase charcoal briquette machines, please feel free to consult us.

charcoal machines for exporting
charcoal machines for exporting

Client’s business vision for charcoal briquettes production

A visionary entrepreneur from Colombia teamed up with Shuliy Factory to embark on a journey to revolutionize the charcoal briquette industry. This Colombian client, in collaboration with a dedicated friend, initiated a small-scale charcoal production plant.

With a commitment to quality and affordability, the client’s friend sourced premium yet cost-effective wood charcoal. Meanwhile, our client focused on procuring cutting-edge equipment to process a variety of charcoal briquette shapes.

charcoal briquettes making machine
charcoal briquettes making machine

Shuliy’s solution of briquette charcoal production

Understanding the unique needs, Shuliy recommended the 500kg/h Briquette Charcoal Extruder Machine. This high-capacity machine not only met the client’s production requirements but also offered the flexibility to create diverse charcoal briquette shapes.

To ensure versatility, we equipped the extruder with four popular briquette molds, allowing the production of different shapes. Additionally, a specialized briquette cutter and a 3-meter conveyor belt were included to streamline the entire process.

The client expressed satisfaction with the tailored solution, promptly securing the deal by making the required deposit. This marked the beginning of a promising venture where innovation and quality converge.

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