1t/h wood shaving mill for a horse farm in the United States

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Shuliy’s SL-800 wood shaving mill was shipped for the horse farm in the United States to help make high-quality wood shavings for horse bedding. The installation of Shuliy’s wood shavings machine marked a significant improvement in the farm’s equine facilities. The horses now enjoy an upgraded bedding experience, contributing to their overall health and happiness. Impressed by the initial results, the farm expressed interest in potential future collaborations, emphasizing the reliability and efficiency of Shuliy’s wood processing solutions.

wood shaving mill working video

Customer profile for wood shaving mill

A medium-sized horse farm embarked on a mission to enhance the living conditions of its diverse equine residents in the United States. Catering to various horse breeds and supplying top-tier horses to local racing clubs, the farm sought to provide the utmost comfort for its prized animals.

Shuliy wood shavings mill
Shuliy wood shavings mill

Main purpose of buying a wood shaver

Understanding the pivotal role that bedding plays in equine welfare, the farm decided to invest in a wood shavings mill. The objective was clear – to produce premium wood shavings that offer superior comfort, moisture absorption, and hygiene for the horses.

Shuliy’s tailored solution: SL-800 wood shaving mill

Enter Shuliy’s SL-800 Wood Shaving Mill, a powerhouse capable of producing 1 ton of high-quality wood shavings per hour. What sets this machine apart is not just its impressive output but also its customization features.

Shuliy’s team worked closely with the customer to ensure the machine not only met the farm’s processing requirements but also reflected its unique identity.

The wood shavings mill was customized to sport the farm’s chosen color, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics.

Key benefits for the horse farm

  • Optimal Comfort: The produced wood shavings provide a soft and comfortable bedding surface, essential for the well-being of horses.
  • Moisture Absorption: Superior moisture absorption properties help maintain a dry and hygienic environment, preventing common equine health issues.
  • Customization: The tailored appearance of the wood shaving mill aligns with the farm’s branding, adding a touch of personalization.
  • Efficiency: With a production rate of 1 ton per hour, the SL-800 ensures a steady supply of wood shavings, meeting the demands of the farm’s large-scale operation.
wood shaving machine with customized colors
wood shaving machine with customized colors