25t/h Large Wood Chipper Transforms Wood Processing in Vietnam’s Lumber Mill

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Shuliy’s large wood chipper machine not only addressed the immediate challenges of wood waste but also empowered our client to turn an environmental concern into a profitable enterprise. This successful integration showcases the transformative impact of innovative wood processing solutions in the woodworking industry. The article briefly describes how the Shuliy factory serves Vietnamese customers and sells wood chippers to Vietnam.

large wood chipper of Shuliy
large wood chipper of Shuliy

Client Background for Purchasing A Large Wood Chipper

Our client, a prominent figure in Vietnam’s wood industry, manages a large-scale wood processing facility dealing with significant volumes of wood scraps. Recognizing the economic potential of wood recycling, they envisioned transforming wood waste into a valuable resource.

He wants to seek efficient ways to handle the substantial wood residues generated daily. To maximize profits and contribute to sustainability, the decision was made to invest in a powerful wood processing solution.

Challenges Faced in The Vietnam Timber Mill

Volume Management: The vast amounts of wood residues required an effective solution for processing.
Economic Efficiency: Seeking ways to turn wood waste into a profitable venture.

Shuliy’s Tailored Solution with 25t/h Large Wood Chipper Machine

After thorough consultations and understanding the client’s unique needs, Shuliy recommended the SL-1600, a high-capacity wood chipping machine. With an impressive hourly output of 25-30 tons, this large wood chipper machine proved to be the ideal choice for transforming wood scraps into valuable wood chips.

Wood Chipping Machine Parameters

Model: SL-1600
Capacity: 25-30 tons per hour
Inlet diameter: 1600*800mm
Finished product: 3-5cm
Feeding method: Trough chain conveyor (frequency conversion speed regulation)
Feed conveying length:6m
Feed conveying speed (variable frequency adjustable):2-18m/min
Feed chain plate material: 16mm,6mm
Outlet method: Belt conveyor
Conveyor material: One-piece channel steel conveying bracket
Width of belt conveyor: 1.6m
Length of belt conveyor: 20m
Main motor: 400kw
Feeding conveyor power: 11kw: frequency conversion
Feed roller motor :7.5kw: frequency conversion
Lower pick-up conveyor: 5.5kw
Outlet conveying motor: 5.5kw
Hydraulic oil pump motor: 4kw

Key Advantages of Shuliy’s Large Wood Chipper

  • High Efficiency: Process large volumes of wood waste quickly and efficiently.
  • Robust Design: Engineered for durability and consistent performance under demanding conditions.
  • Customized Output: Tailored to meet the specific production needs of the client.
  • Economic Returns: Convert wood waste into a lucrative revenue stream, contributing to the client’s overall profitability.
extra feeding conveyor is available
extra feeding conveyor is available

Results and Impact of The Vietnam Timber Mill

  1. Space Optimization: The wood chipping machine facilitated efficient wood waste management, optimizing space within the facility.
  2. Cost Savings: Reduced transportation costs associated with disposing of wood waste.
  3. Revenue Generation: The produced wood chips found a new market as a reliable fuel source for local power plants.

Large wood chipper video