How to process popular hookah charcoal in Saudi Arabia?

July 19,2023
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In Saudi Arabia, hookah charcoal is highly popular and widely used for enjoying the traditional shisha experience. To meet the growing demand, efficient and reliable hookah charcoal production is essential. This article will guide you on how to process popular hookah charcoal in Saudi Arabia, covering the key steps and the role of a hookah charcoal machine in this process.

Rotary Shisha Charcoal Machine
Rotary Shisha Charcoal Machine

Types and characteristics of common hookah charcoal in Saudi Arabia

  • Arabian Shisha Charcoal: Made from coconut shells, this charcoal has a high calorific value and long-lasting burn time. It is characterized by a large amount of smoke and a long-lasting aroma, and is widely used in the hookah culture of Saudi Arabia.
  • Quick Light Charcoal: This charcoal is a pre-burned charcoal that usually contains a chemical fuel and an ignition agent. It is characterized by fast ignition speed and no need to use additional ignition tools, which is very convenient. However, it has a shorter burn time and may develop some chemical taste.
  • Natural Wood Charcoal: This charcoal is made from natural wood with no added chemicals. It features a longer burn time, and less smoke, and produces a natural charcoal aroma. Natural charcoal is considered a healthier and purer choice.
  • Fruit Charcoal: This charcoal is made from the shells of fruits, such as apples, oranges, or grapefruit. It has a unique fruity aroma that is able to provide a different taste and aroma to the hookah.

The role of hookah charcoal machine for making hookah coals

The specialized hookah charcoal machines are designed to efficiently produce high-quality hookah charcoal in various shapes and sizes. Hookah machine ensures consistent quality, higher production capacity, improved efficiency, and reduced labor costs.

shuliy hookah charcoal machins for sale
shuliy hookah charcoal machins for sale

Processing popular hookah charcoal in Saudi Arabia

  1. Raw material selection:
  • Choosing suitable raw materials: Select high-quality materials such as coconut shells, bamboo, or wood that are readily available in Saudi Arabia.
  • Ensuring proper preparation: Clean and dry the raw materials to remove impurities and moisture.
  1. Carbonization:
  • Carbonization process: Utilize a carbonization furnace or kiln to convert the raw materials into charcoal through the process of heating and controlled burning.
  • Monitoring temperature and time: Ensure the right temperature and duration to achieve optimal carbonization.
  1. Crushing and Grinding:
  • Shredding the charcoal: Use a wood shredder or crusher to break down the carbonized material into small, uniform-sized pieces.
  • Grinding process: Utilize a charcoal grinder or mill to further refine the charcoal particles.
  1. Shaping and Briquetting:
  • Employ a hookah charcoal machine: Use a specialized hookah charcoal machine to shape the charcoal particles into consistent briquettes or cubes.
  • Adjusting size and density: Customize the machine settings to achieve the desired size and density of the hookah charcoal.
  1. Drying and Quality Control:
  • Drying process: Place the shaped hookah charcoal in a drying chamber or under the sun to remove any remaining moisture.
  • Quality control measures: Conduct thorough inspections to ensure the charcoal meets the required standards for appearance, density, and ash content.
hookah charcoal press machine factory
hookah charcoal press machine factory

Conclusion for making hookah charcoal in Saudi Arabia

With the use of a hookah charcoal machine and the right techniques, processing popular hookah charcoal in Saudi Arabia becomes efficient and profitable.

The availability of high-quality hookah charcoal enhances the shisha experience, satisfying the growing demand in the market. Invest in a reliable hookah charcoal machine to ensure consistent production and meet the expectations of hookah enthusiasts in Saudi Arabia.