The Complete Guide to Wood Peeling Machine for Your Business

June 28,2022
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Wood peeling machine or wood peeler belongs to one of the wood processing machinery series products. It is mainly composed of a feeding mechanism, discharging mechanism, knife plate, transmission system, base frame, etc. The wood peeling machine (wood peeling machine, wood peeling machine) is suitable for peeling the newly felled coniferous wood and part of the broad-leaved wood, and can also complete the peeling treatment of part of the frozen wood and dry wood. It is commonly used for debarking poplar, cypress, tung, eucalyptus, Quercus, elm, and other woods.

wood log

How many types of wood peeling machine are there?

According to different designs and structures, wood peeling machine can be divided into three types. They are vertical log debarker machine, trough log debarker machine, and horizontal peeling machine. They have different features and benefits. Meanwhile, they have various parameters and costs. Which one to choose needs to be strictly in accordance with your actual situation. If you are looking for the right wood peeler, welcome to contact us for free guidance. We are willing to answer you with patience.

Performance features of trough log peeling machine

  1. Using open silo, can feed on one end to the other end of the assembly line operation, to overcome the existing roller peeling machine power outage feeding, discharging, segmentation of the shortcomings of the work mode, and high efficiency.
  2. Because of the impact of the teeth on the wood segment, not only does the wood segment in the casing do circular motion, and rotary around itself, so the peeling efficiency is high, eucalyptus poplar and other difficult to peel species have a better peeling rate
  3. Slot peeling machine (wood peeling machine, wood peeling machine, wood peeling machine) for wood adaptability, can be different species, diameter, length and shape of the wood section peeling, because the wood section to do rotary motion and irregular jumping, so the concave part of the bent wood section can also be good contact with the peeling teeth. Therefore, the peeling rate of bent logs is much higher than other drum types.
  4. Because the huge casing is fixed, so the energy consumption is small, the failure rate is low, the maintenance workload is small, and vibration and noise are much lower than the drum peeling machine, slot peeling machine (wood peeling machine, wood peeling machine, wood peeling machine) can be produced on the ground, even without the base installation, easy to use.

Working principle of wood peeling machine

Firstly, the raw material is put into the cutting section, and then the material is discharged directly into the assembly line for processing, thus achieving a large amount of turnover waste and greatly improving efficiency. Secondly, the wood peeling machine impacts the wood with teeth, so that the wood does circular motion in the closed shell, because some difficult to peel wood also achieved a good peeling effect, greatly improving the efficiency of the product. Then the wood debarking machine can debark the corresponding shape according to the wood and do what you like, which can increase the beauty of the wood. This is because the uneven part of the wood can be peeled even with good contact with the peeling machine due to the rotational movement and irregular jumping of the wood. Finally, although the housing of the wood peeler is relatively large, it is fixed, so it consumes less energy and has a small probability of failure. Therefore, the workload of maintenance workers is not enough. And the wood peeling machine can be processed and peeled after it is purchased and landed, without special base installation, which is easy to use.


Trough log peeling machine structure

The trough-type peeling machine breaks the shortcomings of the traditional drum-type wood peeling machine, which has to stop when discharging and feeding. It separates the bark outlet and wood outlet to realize continuous work, from feeding → peeling → wood outlet → feeding again → peeling again → wood outlet again the whole process is continuous, realizing the flowing operation. The peeling effect can be adjusted for different wood species, and the wood can be peeled on the machine for different lengths and different bending spirals, dry and wet. Slot peeling machine single machine operation can peel 35-50 tons of logs a day, greatly saving manpower.

Basic operation of wood peeling machine

  1. To give full play to the performance of the machine, the operator should not be less than 2 people, with guillotine materials must not have iron, stone, and other debris.
  2. When working, properly adjust the amount of material feeding, too much is likely to cause overload stop, and too little affects the guillotine efficiency.  
  3. When working, if the material is blocked, do not use hands or iron bars and other forced feeding should immediately stop to remove it.   
  4. When working, if abnormalities are found or abnormal sounds are heard, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the power must be cut off before inspection.   
  5. The moving parts are filled with grease once a day, and the main bearing needs to be filled with lithium grease for 300 hours; stop working, the machine should be allowed to idle for two minutes, blow the dust and weeds inside the machine, and then shut down the machine.