Wood Shaving – Why is a Better Choice for Animal Bedding

June 21,2022
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There is a worldwide trend to recycle wood waste to protect the environment. Wood wastes such as shavings and wood sawdust, once considered useless, are now commonly used in everyday life and manufacturing. As a result, these environmentally friendly materials can be found everywhere. Among them, wood shavings are one of the most prominent wood wastes. This article will help you gain insight into this wonderful material.

What is wood shaving?

Wood shavings are scraps created when the wood is shaped or shaved using woodworking tools or machines such as planers and mills. There is no fixed size or shape for shavings, but we can customize and create sizes. Often, shavings flake off the surface of the wood when shaving machines or planers are used. They are soft and can be piled into large piles. Piles of shavings have a cushioning effect.

wood shavings
wood shavings

Wide applications of wood shavings

  1. Transport fillings for soft and fragile things
  2. Applied for biological energy material for making biomass charcoal briquettes
  3. Raw material for making the high density board, etc
  4. As animal bedding for horse, chicken, sheep, cow, pig, etc
  5. Raw materials for making the wood pulp paper in a paper manufacturing factory  

What machine makes wood shavings?

Wood shaving machine, also called wood wool machine, is specially designed and manufactured to shave wood of various diameters into excellent wood shavings. The wood shaving produced by wood shaving machine can be customized into different sizes to be used as animal bedding, such as horse, sheep, chicken, cow, cats, dogs, and other animals.

wood shavings machine plant
wood shavings machine plant

What are the features of wood shaving machine?

  • High output, stable performance, and competitive price
  • Durable knives, safe and low noise
  • Easy to install, operate, and maintain
  • Driven by one motor, cost-effective and high efficient
  • Reasonable design, durable material, and compact structure

Suhliy wood wool machine parameters


Why wood shaving is the best choice for animal bedding?

Shavings quality cattle bedding needs to be non-abrasive, dry, highly absorbent, not produce dust clouds, keep cows clean and comfortable, and handle well in the slurry system.

As for horse bedding, pine shavings not only smell great due to the natural odor-absorbing oils, but they also have antibacterial and ammonia-reducing properties. Other species also have benefits, but the one you want to avoid completely is black walnut, as it can cause equine colitis. Cedar is also not recommended as it does not break down easily and some horses may have skin sensitivities to it.

Shavings offer 100% natural, dust-free horse bedding for any farmer, developed and manufactured specifically to help keep your horse healthy, happy, and comfortable in the barn.

Are you looking for an excellent wood shaving machine for your farm?

With rich experience in the design, research, manufacturing, and marketing of excellent wood shaving machines, our products have been successfully exported to more than 30 countries and regions around the world. If you want to find an amazing wood shaver for your farm or company, contact Shuliy now.