Working principle of BBQ charcoal packaging machine

January 13,2022
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Barbecue charcoal is usually packaged using automatic quantitative packaging machines. Because it is a kind of intelligent packaging equipment controlled by a computer. Therefore, BBQ charcoal packaging machines are more automated. At the same time, customers will save more money. How does the charcoal briquetting packaging machine work in the charcoal briquetting production line? Let’s see working principle of BBQ charcoal packaging machine together.

What are the applications of BBQ charcoal packaging machine?

Its packaging range is wide, so quantitative packaging machines are widely used. This also highlights its multi-functional integration characteristics. It can pack chemical fertilizers, rice, grains, sugar, hookah charcoal, etc. Therefore, the main industries it adapts to are grains, fertilizers, chemicals, etc. In addition, its packaging objects are usually bulk granules or lumps.

What are the components of BBQ charcoal wrapper? 

The structure of quantitative packaging machine for charcoal is mainly composed of material inlet, feeder, weighing hopper, frame, suction port, pneumatic system, sensor, control box, conveying and sewing machine, etc. Its work is mainly divided into three steps: weighing, packaging, and sealing.


What is working principle of BBQ charcoal packaging machine?

1. The charcoal briket enters the weighing hopper from the feeder.

2. After the controller receives the weight signal from the sensor, it will start fast feeding (speed adjustable):

When charcoal briket weight ≥ (target value-initial value), the feeding speed is reduced to mid-range,

If coal briquette weight ≥ (target value-precision value), the feeding speed will be reduced to a slow gear,

When the weight is greater than or equal to the overshoot value, the feeding door is completely closed. The discharge door of the weighing hopper opens automatically after the weighing is completed.

3. The material bag is transported to the bag sewing machine for sewing.

The whole packaging process of BBQ charcoal mainly includes weighing, bagging and sealing. What’s more, its operation is very simple and safe.