Why are the new shisha charcoal presses more high-end?

January 13,2022
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Manufacturers of shisha charcoal will know how the shisha charcoal making machine works. In fact, the quality of hookah charcoal is related to raw materials. On the other hand, it is related to the hookah charcoal machine. The rotary hookah charcoal press is a hookah charcoal production equipment that has a very good response in the current market. Let’s take a look at the mystery of the new hookah charcoal press.


What are the ordinary shisha charcoal making machines?

The ones we have heard the most in daily life should be the mechanical hookah charcoal machine, the hydraulic hookah charcoal machine, and the stainless steel hookah charcoal machine. The working mechanism of these three hookah charcoal machines is very similar. But their main difference is the different amounts of pressure they provide and the variety of shapes of shisha charcoal.

What are the innovations of the new hookah charcoal press?

First of all, its working mechanism abandons the traditional mechanical up and down punching method. However, it is more flexible and convenient with curved track extrusion.

Secondly, its automatic filling device can make the carbon powder evenly filled. This feature makes the entire production process easier.

Thirdly, the discharge port adopts a scientific slope to allow the hookah charcoal to slide down naturally. And the receiving tray can make the hookah charcoal flat. In this way, not only can the hookah charcoal be directly put into the drying room trolley. And it can save the work of laying the hookah charcoal before packaging.

Fourthly, the output of the new charcoal briquetting machine can reach 30,000-40,000 pieces per hour.

Fifthly, it can produce cubes, hollows, lace, and other shapes in addition to ordinary round hookah charcoal.

Rotary coconut charcoal machines are really suitable for use in modern shisha charcoal production lines. While improving the grade of equipment, it also improves the quality of products.