About Shuliy

Shuliy is a well-known & professional charcoal machine manufacturer. We focus on superb technology and sincere service to create a reassuring buying experience for our customers. Our service purpose is to welcome new customers and embrace old customers. Our accessories are manufactured with precision instruments for grinding and measurement and are installed and tested by experienced technicians. 10 years of hard work has also established a deep trade relationship with our global partners.


Our Cases

We are a world-class researcher and manufacturer of industrial machinery products. We are good at boldly discovering and improving the core accessories of equipment to facilitate the use of customers from all over the world. We are also proficient in domestic and international shipping terms. Therefore, we have obtained stable partners all over the world.


Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal: A Renewable & Eco-Friendly Fuel Source

 February 07,2023
Charcoal is an important source of energy for many people around the world, especially in rural and developing areas. While…
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Biomass Charcoal Briquettes: Features, Benefits & Process

 January 28,2023
Biomass charcoal or biomass briquette is widely used in so many developing countries. It is a kind of sustainable fuel…
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Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine – a Complete Guidance

 January 04,2023
Introduction of coconut charcoal Coconut charcoal is a popular alternative to traditional wood charcoal. It is made from coconut shells,…
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