8 Steps to Make Charcoal from Sawdust with Carbonizer

April 28,2023
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Charcoal has been used as a fuel source for thousands of years. It has unique features that make it an attractive source of fuel for various industries, including metallurgy, cooking, and heating. Charcoal manufacturing can be done using various materials, but sawdust is a popular one as it is readily available and cheap. In this article, we will discuss how to make charcoal from sawdust with a carbonizer.

sawdust charcoal
sawdust charcoal

Setp 1: Collect and dry the sawdust

Collect sawdust from woodworking shops, production facilities or any other source. Sawdust should be thoroughly dried before being loaded into the charcoal burner. If the sawdust is wet or damp, it may take longer to convert to charcoal and the end result may not be of good quality. Dry the sawdust by spreading it out in the sun or in the oven until it is completely dry.

Step 2: Fill the carbonizer with sawdust

Open the lid of the carbonizer machine and load the sawdust into the chamber. The amount of sawdust you load will depend on the size of your carbonizer. Fill the carburetor to the top, but avoid overloading it. Leave some space at the top to allow the gas to escape and keep the lid tightly attached.

Step 3: Ignition

Light the fire in the burner at the bottom of the carburetor. You can use wood, charcoal or any other fuel to light the fire. Once the fire is burning, close the door of the burner and adjust the airflow to ensure the fire spreads evenly.

Step 4: Cover the carbonizer machine

Close the lid of the charcoal carbonization furnace, making sure it is tightly closed over the chamber. This will prevent air from entering the chamber and converting the sawdust to charcoal.

Step 5: Monitor the temperature and ventilation

Monitor the temperature inside the carbonizer and adjust the ventilation accordingly. You can use a thermometer to measure the temperature inside the charcoal burner. The ideal temperature for making charcoal from sawdust is between 450-500 degrees Celsius. Control the ventilation to maintain this temperature range. This will help ensure an even and consistent conversion of sawdust to charcoal.

Step 6: Wait for conversion to complete

The conversion process can take several hours to complete, depending on the size and design of the charcoal burner. Once the sawdust has been converted to charcoal and no more smoke or heat is generated, the process is complete. At this point, you will need to wait for the charcoal burner to cool before opening it.

Step 7: Remove the charcoal and let it cool down

Once the carburetor has cooled down, remove the charcoal from the chamber. Wear gloves to avoid burns. It helps if you let the charcoal cool completely before handling it.

Step 8: Storing the charcoal

Store the charcoal in a dry and well-ventilated area. Charcoal will absorb moisture from the air, which can affect its quality. If possible, store charcoal in an airtight container.

In summary, converting sawdust to charcoal using a charcoalizer is a simple and effective process. The carbonizer machine is designed to efficiently convert organic materials into high quality charcoal. By following these steps, you can turn sawdust into high quality charcoal that can be used for a variety of purposes, including cooking, heating and metallurgy. Remember to take safety precautions when working in high temperatures and wear protective equipment at all times.

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